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1. Technician will wash hands thoroughly before approaching the client’s home.

2. Verbal confirmation that the client is not sick or been around anyone who had been sick.

3. We want to maintain a 6ft buffer between client and technician.

4. Technician will wear face mask throughout process.

5. Once cleaning begins the client must stay in an area away from the technician and the areas to be cleaned.

6. Technician will begin by cleaning all touchpoint areas, gloves will be used during this process. Example: doorknobs, doors, light switches, hand rails, and anything the technician will touching during the cleaning process. This is done to protect the technician.

7. Cleaning process will generally take longer due to the technician needing breaks because of the face mask.

8. Once the cleaning is complete the technician will make one final cleaning of all touchpoints. This is done to protect the client.

9. All invoices are done electronically and can be processed without contact between technician and client. If a check or cash is preferred, arrangements will be made to minimize contact.